Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Enough Already!

So I’m about to embark on another organized ride, the 2XU Great Ocean and Otway Ride 2011 (could they make a longer title?); after registering I am told I will receive yet another promotional jersey to wear on the day. Really? Do I have to? I’m just not one of those guys who parades around his worn out and ripped ‘free’ t-shirt that announces to everyone that he did a triathlon once – a very long time ago. These guys are so proud of them too – it’s like a badge of honour.

Personally, I would love it if you could just elect to not take the jersey and have the cost of it deducted from the entry fee. But I hear you saying “hmm, but aren’t they free?”, “No! Wake up”. I’m sure the cost of these things is worked into the inflated entry fees (this one is $140).

I already have too many. And they are all ugly! Take a look at the last one.

I usually avoid wearing pink or orange – and this jersey had them both!

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the ride. 145kms through some of the most spectacular scenery in Victoria. The Great Ocean Road is something special – and to ride it should be amazing. Trust me, I drove Highway One in California last year, one of the most celebrated drives in the world, and it just didn’t compare!

I’ve got just under three weeks to train – as I head out on Beach Road this weekend maybe I’ll slap on an old ‘round the bay jersey just for the hell of it.

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