Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I fell off my bike

The other day I finished work early and with nothing better to do I thought I'd get cultured and visit an exhibition centered on the far too common bike stack.

The exhibition, called 'I Fell Off My Bike', is a series of short animations created by Melbourne artist Isobel Knowles. The videos are shown on a number of screens that have been embedded into large green-dinosaur-egg-looking-contraptions, just outside ACMI at Fed Square.

It's worth a look, and a good way to waste 20 minutes. Personally I think the exhibition would have greatly benefited from a segment on the classic 'can't-get-out-my-clip-pedals-quick-enough-when-stuck-at-lights' bike stack. No matter how many times I witness it - it never fails to raise a chuckle.

The exhibition is free and it runs daily from 6am - 11pm.

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