Tuesday, 21 June 2011

'Chasing Legends' Movie Night

I’m a big fan of the CyclingTips blog, another Melbourne based cycling blog that features some really great product reviews, interviews, pro-cycling news and best of all, some A-MA-ZING photos of the pro tour. Last Sunday night CyclingTips hosted a movie night at ACMI (Melbourne’s home of film, television and digital art in Federation Square) screening the new Rapha promotional movie “Rapha Rides the Victorian Alps” and the feature was ‘Chasing Legends’, the story of HTC Columbia’s 2009 Tour De France Campaign.

It was really a great night, it was so thrilling to see so many like-minded individuals show up late on a Sunday night to watch a movie about cycling! In fact it was so popular that many didn’t get a seat! It seems there were some dodgy people that failed to realise this was a paid event!

The first film, despite essentially being an extended ad for Rapha, showcased the Victorian Alps beautifully, whilst telling the story of a Victorian cycling stalwart, Malcolm Powell. The film exhibited a beautiful area of our great state and somehow captured a lot of what I love about cycling. The challenge, the road, the open spaces, the cold of the morning, the speed, and the bike itself – an inspiring machine.

‘Chasing Legends’, the feature, was a great watch for anyone that has a love of cycling.

I looked around the crowd – there were no sleepy eyes or distracted faces. Everyone was mesmerised from start to end. Every Tour de France has the drama and characters to equal any Italian opera or Hollywood film, and the 2009 TdF was no exception. The film focussed on the complete dominance of HTC Columbia, their ups and downs as they took Cav all the way to the Champs Elysees, and the story of him picking up six stage wins. This was also the year Armstrong made his return to the tour and the movie touched on the struggles between him, Contador and Andy Schleck. There are also some great grabs from cycling legend, Jens Voigt, who never minces his words.

In summary, top film, great night.

The SBS Cycling Central crew even made it there to do a piece. I saw the TdF number one commentator ‘in waiting’ Matthew Keenan! It was also great to meet the humble CyclingTips blogger, Wade. When he addressed the crowd he truly seemed appreciative of his readers. And CT, if you read this, thanks for putting on a great night and adding so much to the Melbourne cycling landscape.

And if you are one of those that didn’t pay for the flick – cough up!

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  1. Great trailer. Loved the shot from above where you see the cyclists on the curving road.