Wednesday, 31 August 2011

You Yangs Open For Business

After the devestating floods of last summer the You Yangs regional park, a mecca of mountain biking in Victoria, is open again. I did not see it myself but the summer rains destroyed many of the trails and exposed asbestos. Over $1.5 million worth of re-building has just been completed by Parks Victoria, You Yangs Mountain Bike Club Inc. and many volunteers. Check out the Parks Victoria video below...

I headed there on the weekend with a friend and was blown away by the quality of the new trails. They are fast and flowing and so much fun. The park was packed with mountain bikers of all types and everyone had smiles on their faces, no doubt pumped to be able to hit the trails again.

I'm blown away every time I go mountain biking, it is just about the most fun you can have on two wheels and it's free! This blog tends to focus on road riding, which is what I do most of, but make no bones about it, I was a mountain biker first and am still a mountain biker at heart.

Being pretty average on the bigger jumps and drops I stuck to Cressy's Climb and the Boulder Track most of the day... well, for as long as my legs would get me back up to the top, to get another run in.

If you can go and check the You Yangs out, do it. You wont regret it. And if you are a regular, well... you know what I'm saying. I'll be there as much as possible as the weather starts to get better. It's only about 35 mins from Melbourne CBD, take the Geelong Hwy, and print off a new map of the trails here, before you go.

A = the You Yangs Regional Park

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