Thursday, 5 January 2012

Jayco Bay Crits Classic Wrap

I was lucky enough to get to stage two and four of the 2012 Jayco Bay Crits Classic. This is an awesome series - showcasing some of the best scenery around Port Phillip Bay. In getting to these two stages I was able to witness first hand young 17yo Caleb Ewen set the series alight with two stage wins. His final kick was awesome to watch - Phil Liggett even remarked "this kid is as fast as Cavendish"!

The winners of the stages were Greg Henderson (state one), Caleb Ewen (stage two), Anthony Giacoppo (stage three), and Caleb Ewen (stage four). A keen cycling fan will notice that this list includes no riders from the new Green Edge outfit, who debuted at the Bay Crits. I know I for one, was expecting the Green Edge team to start filling their 2012 palmares for their new outfit but it wasn't to be! This was definitely a series for the amateures.

All in all, this was another successful Bay Crits series, with all races enjoying pretty decent crowds, except apparently for Portalington - must've been just a bit too far for Melbournites to travel to! Stage two in Geelong was contested in 40 - 45 degree heat. I've never witnessed such gruelling conditions, it was a credit to all who finished.

The womens races were just as exciting as the mens, with the female GreenEdge outfit outdoing their male teammates, taking home the overall yellow jersey (Melissa Hoskings) and the teams classification.

Highlight of the series for me was getting close enough to legend Robbie McEwen to give him a pat on the back and utter "well done Robbie". What a hero, 40 years old and still mixing it with the best! 

Keep an eye out for this weekends Nationals road race - we'll see just how well the GreenEdge boys can perform when the numbers are on their side! Watch it in Ballarat, or plant yourself on your couch and turn to SBS for full coverage!    

Final Results - General Classification


1. Allan DAVIS (Mitchelton Wines/Lowe Farms)
2. Caleb EWAN (NSWIS)
3. Anthony GIACOPPO (Bike Bug)
4. Bernie SULZBERGER (Urban Hotels)
5. Chris SUTTON (Urban Hotels)
6. Greg HENDERSON (Degani Bakery Cafe)
7. Leigh HOWARD (GreenEDGE)
8. Luke DURBRIDGE (Mitchelton Wines/Lowe Farms)
9. Nathan HAAS (Bike Bug)
10. Koen DE KORT (Urban Hotels)


1. Melissa HOSKINS (GreenEdge-AIS)
2. Amanda SPRATT (GreenEdge-AIS)
3. Chloe HOSKING (Total Rush/Hyster)
4. Rochelle GILMORE ( Dream Team)
5. Jessie MACLEAN (GreenEdge-AIS)
6. Annette EDMONDSON (Pitcher Partners)
7. Tiffany CROMWELL (GreenEdge-AIS)
8. Loren ROWNEY (Total Rush/Hyster)
9. Shara GILLOW (GreenEdge-AIS)
10. Grace SULZBERGER (Jayco - AIS)

Is that Heinrich Haussler out in front?!
Allan Davis out in front with Caleb Ewen third
The GreenEdge lead out train on the second last lap
Matty Keenan with Caleb after his second stage win
The Jayco Podium Girls!
GreenEdge Director Andrew Ryan
The Womens winners
Allan Davis enjoying the victory - he funnily offered a swig to 17yo Caleb afterwards
The Mens winners

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  1. Sorry I didn't bump into you down in Williamstown!

    GreenEdge spent a great deal of time on the front in the men's crit, which really whittled down the field (including all of Caleb's teammates). The kid must be strong and smart as well as quick!

    That said, like everyone else I expect GreenEdge will put in a better showing on Sunday.