Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hell comes to Melbourne

The 2012 Melburn Roobaix

Today, about 4000 cyclists experienced hell in the 2012 edition of the Melburn Roobaix. Modeled on the iconic Paris-Roubaix, the Melburn Roobaix takes cyclists of all types through the inner city streets of Melbourne, seeking out the bumpiest, roughest, muddiest cobbled streets our city has to offer.

It's funny, most days I ride the streets of Melbourne on my road bike seeking out the slickest, smoothest roads available, taking detours around bumps, potholes and rough surfaces; today I rode the streets, seeking out the worst 'pave' possible! I now have a totally new appreciation for the pro's who take on the real Hell of the North each year.

Amongst everything else, this social ride (there are no winners and it is not a race) is a celebration of cycling in Melbourne. All the subgroups are represented, the roadies, the hipsters with fixies, mountain bikers, average commuters, vintage beauties and contraption captains. All riding side by side, helping each other to navigate to the next sector of cobbles.

Credit to Fyxo for organising their 7th successful Roobaix. I had a ball, can't wait till next year to experience Hell again.

Some pics below, damn phone died about midday, so sadly I got nothing from the awards at the Brunswick velodrome.

The start at Hawthorn outdoor velodrome

The Beer Bike - Free IPA for all!

BlueEdge - winners of the prize for best foursome!

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