Thursday, 17 March 2011

I'm supposed to ride where...?

I just wanted to give a shout out to Yarra City Council for this spectacular piece of road development:

So this is Bridge Road, Richmond, one of the major arterials into Melbourne city, and after months of road works a new surface has been laid (which feels great under my disintegrated Vittoria's), but what were the council workers thinking when they painted the new bike lane in? I mean come on, I know most councilors would like cyclists to be invisible - but we're not - we can't actually ride through parked cars. And if you know Richmond you know that Bridge road has parked cars 24/7.

And while I'm having a go - when is the Main Yarra Trail diversion going to end?! This was only meant to be around for a few months, back in August 2010, but it's still there, in March 2011! Citylink, or the State Government or whoever it is that thought widening the South Eastern freeway would be a great congestion solution is going to start receiving bills from me for all the new tubes I've had to buy from punctures from the Burnley underpass (part of the diversion route)!

Apparently this 1 billion dollar South Eastern freeway widening project has not eased conjestion one iota. I shudder to think how many km's of new bike paths we could have got for 1 billion...

Ok, rant over, I'm done.

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